Micromanagement is a management style whereby you as a manager, control your employees and remind them what they should do at work. To be honest, although micromanaging helps employees work better, it will also give them a negative feeling.

All the bosses (not leaders) love to micromanage their team and employees and most of us know what it feels like to be micromanaged. Imagine your boss gives you an assignment but then jumps in and meddles in your work. Sometimes it even gets worse when your boss makes someone to take your place and it makes you feel awful. But…

When you have an idea especially the one for business, certainly looking forward to turning it into money as fast as possible. Ideas always are beautiful and seem to work perfectly. You see its future and dreaming about it overnights and might you even planning on what doing with the profit.
But when it comes to work you have no idea what to do. There are many many things you need to figure out and lots of time to spend on.
Millions of ideas generate every day and from the first stage 80% of them are perfect but when it comes to…

After you found an idea and polished it, now you move to the next stage. The next stage is Analyzation. It means you start to write down your idea on the paper and gather all information for executing it.

There’s a fact, what is in your mind, is just an illusion. It’s not real unless you write it down. When you write something it passes from the imagination part of your brain to the logic part. You can’t possibly guess how many ideas stopped from execution while the owners were trying to write it. When someone tells me, hey hear…

Technology companies working and focusing on making or maintaining a product based on digital platform and it’s not an easy job to do. Lots of pressure on delivering and stress on meeting the deadlines usually happens every day. Although the main job is done by developers and employees, but also the PM (Project Manager) role is vital to achieving the goal at a certain time.

So, the question is always persists: How a PM can deal with developers in the best way!?

First thing first, The best and ideal nominate for PM job is the one who already was or…

In this article, I’m gonna explain a simple but useful workflow for developing. Although as a Python developer my example is with this programming language but also you can integrate it in any language you like and work.

Before getting to this I’m gonna explain what is my Git workflow.

We all know there are many best practices for Git flow but to my experience, I’ve found one of those more useful and working without any strains. It depends on your company scale and development team to choose the best Git-flow but here I’m gonna use a basic yet nice…

Behrouz Kashani

14 years in the IT industry and manage many teams in the different companies taught me many things that I'd like to share with anyone.

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